Event number:
Beginning: Introduction and assignment of topics:
Th., 22 April 2021, 5.15pm – 6.45pm
Room: online, via ZOOM

Special Events Summer Semester 2021:

The event is intended to provide a platform for an international community of teachers and students to exchange views in an open discourse on legal issues brought about by globalization. Students will act actively and independently throughout the whole process, gaining their own direct access to international dimensions of law. A moderated colloquium, including presentations by foreign guest lecturers serves as an external framework. Participation requires a registration on Moodle and eCampus. The course involves giving a presentation in German or English on a topic of choice. 9 credit points are awarded upon finishing the course. Participation is mandatory.

Incoming Ersasmus and free moving students, Master‘s and doctoral students will be welcome. The event is also recognized as an elective course for the foreign language certificate of the Faculty of Law (§ 5(1) of the examination regulations).

Recommended Literature